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La Rumba Soy Yo - Ricardo Lemvo

Titel : La Rumba Soy Yo

Artiest(en) : Ricardo Lemvo

Genre : Salsa, African

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Cumbancha

€ 17,90


Aanstekelijke mix van Afrikaanse salsa met soukouss/rumba/kizomba van Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca. Recorded in three continents and four countries (US, Canada, France, Angola). It took Ricardo Lemvo three years to complete and sees him looking back to his Angolan roots for inspiration. Three of the songs were written in collaboration with Angolan artists (Calo Pascoal, Kyaku Kyadaff, Adao Filipe) and the styles featured include Cuban and African rumba and soukous, Angolan kizomba and semba and Cuban son and salsa. The title track offers an upbeat and irresistible tropical hook that will certainly be one of the party anthems of this summer and many years to come. With his band Makina Loca, the Los Angeles-based singer produces an appealing blend of African and Cuban music that has earned him a worldwide following. Lemvo`s early recordings drew mainly from Congolese rumba and soukous mixed with Cuban son and salsa. His 1998 hit "Mambo Yo Yo," which appeared on the first of two albums he released on Putumayo, can be heard to this day pouring out of taxicabs and on salsa club dance floors in Cartagena, New York, Tokyo, Paris and beyond.
1. Santo António Do Zaire
2. Dikulusu
3. Rumba Soyo
4. Kari Kuyéyé
5. E Moyo
6. Padre George
7. Bolero Medley Vf
8. El Caburnacho
9. Simone Cm
10. Tudia Tunua
11. Samba Luku Samba [Rumba Remix]
La Rumba SoYo also features the mutuashi beats of "E Moyo," which was originally recorded by the legendary Congolese singer Tabu Ley Rochereau in 1967. The romantic "Bolero Medley VF" is a fusion of classic ballads by Cuban legend Vicentico Valdez and Congolese icon Franco Luambo.  La Rumba SoYo ends with a bang as Lemvo reprises one of his most popular songs. On this version of "Samba Luku Samba (Rumba Remix)" Lemvo adds a new bass line and arrangement that completes a song he never felt was as well-produced as he wanted it to be. This version is now up to Lemvo`s exacting standards.
With La Rumba SoYo, Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca have created an exciting new album that retains their appealing salsa meets soukous grooves and blends them with the Angolan rhythms and styles that have been such an inspiration to Lemvo in recent years.