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La Hora de Bailar (2015) - Echo Park Project

Titel : La Hora de Bailar (2015)

Artiest(en) : Echo Park Project

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 05-2015

€ 16,99


Een van de betere SALSA produkties uit 2015 is van The Echo Park Project uit L.A. met hun derde produktie getiteld “La Hora De Bailar” (Time To Dance). Led by percussionist Carlo Lopez, the group debut with “Retro New York Salsa” in 2006 and in 2009 released The Viernes Social, their second album.
The Echo Park Project once again brings their Salsa Dura as it was meant to be with salsa stars, from the East and West coast. This production contains Hard Salsa at it’s best. With a cast which includes the best musicians led by Carlo Lopez which include Tomas Martin Lopez, Oscar Hernandez on piano, Eddie Resto on bass and vocals Jose Mangual Jr. ,Tito Allen, Willy Torres, Frankie Vazquez and Pupy “Cantor” Torres. Arranged by Sonny Bravo, Oscar Hernandez, Joe Mannozzi, John Belzaguy.
1. Brooklyn To Los Angeles
2. Rescatame
3. Invitacion Al Son
4. La Hora De Bailar
5. El Que Sabe
6. Devuelveme El Coco
7. Los Angeles
8. Un Toque Pa’ Yambao
9. Cuestion De Opinion
10. Que Es Lo Que Quiere La Gente
11. Chachaguere
12. Nuevo Amanecer