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Jukebox - Luis Enrique

Titel : Jukebox

Artiest(en) : Luis Enrique

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Ariel Rivas

€ 16,90


2014 release, met op dit album salsa versies van nummers bekend geworden door o.a. Luis Miguel, Franco De Vita, Ricardo Montaner, José José, Michael Bolton.
Luis Enrique regresa más fuerte que nunca con JUKEBOX “Primer Edición” en una nueva serie de producciones musicales que son una poderosa compilación de nuevos arreglos creados por el Maestro Ángel “Cucco” Peña, Luis Enrique y su excelente equipo.
1. Noche De Copas
2. ¿Cómo He De Vivir Sin Tu Cariño?
3. Lo Pasado, Pasado
4. Te Amo
5. Amor De Cerca
6. Tan Enamorados
7. Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti
8. Sin Ti
9. Ya Comenzó 
10. Ya Comenzó (feat. Rubén Blades) [Bonus Track]

review Latino Music Cafe:
Nicaraguan Salsa star Luis Enrique use the jukebox theme in his new album “Jukebox, Primera Edición”, to symbolize his new take on old Latin pop music hits and standards that filled “velloneras” around Latin America.
The concept of the jukebox is a neat one, and this time Luis Enrique enlisted Puerto Rican master producer Angel “Cucco” Peña, to provide a new fresh spin to this songs and to the Luis Enrique pop Salsa sound.
New Sound & Arrangements – Cucco Peña, who initially help to lift Marc Anthony’s career, demonstrates he has plenty of music in him. The musicality in this album is simply amazing! Just listen to the scales where the trombone play, and the energy of the arrangements.
I take my hat off to the maestro Cucco Peña! Justifiably Luis Enrique shouts several times, “sopla Cucco” (I guess parodying Marc Anthony’s now popular “ataca Sergio”). I also have to comment on the electric guitar that shows up with great timing and musicality in several songs. Cucco didn’t miss anything here!
Multiple “mambos” and “coros” – in pop Salsa? Nahh…nobody does that, right? Or has Cucco Peña gone mad? As I said, this album is different. In several songs, starting with the very first song and album single “Noche de Copas”, Cucco Peña incorporates more than one mambo (not just the same “mambo” twice, but two different “mambos”), and complex coros that mix from one to another, and may change completely into a 3rd “coro”. Yes, the “mambos” are relatively short, but…hey, in a pop Salsa recording this is a novelty!
n my opinion this in one of the most musically amazing pop Salsa albums I have ever heard! Luis Enrique is able to keep up with Cucco Peña’s music step by step, and if Cucco brings high energy, Luis Enrique matches him.
I’ll be very surprised if “Jukebox” doesn’t win several Grammy (and other) awards!
If you like this romantic style of Salsa, but also like the classic Salsa dura, this is a somewhat hybrid style, where monotonous repetition (so prevalent in pop Salsa) was banned from the recording studio.