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It`s SHO time - Chino Nunez

Titel : It`s SHO time

Artiest(en) : Chino Nunez

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Cookita

€ 9,90


De timbalero van Spanish Harlem Orchestra met een NEW YORK top SALSA CD uit 2005!
Salsa Dura is alive and well in New York City. Within a year after the hard salsa releases of George Delgado, Jimmy Bosch, Ralph Irizarry, Ricky Gonzalez (all of whom are featured on this CD), not to mention the pivotal releases of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, it is pretty safe to say that the genre is, at the very least, experiencing a revival of sorts. And while I`ll stop way short of saying that there is a thriving club scene here, the likes of Mr. Nunez and friends are certainly participant in the possible emergence of one. I, for one, am ready.
Nunez, with pure timbalero muscle, leads here with the focus and intensity of a matador. These arrangements have legs, and the band, always on cue, attacks without mercy. A big tip of the hat is offered to Ray Barretto on the fresh arrangement of "Indestructible." (Listen to Nunez`s timbales sing on this one.) Other dynamic tracks like "Homenaje Al Bailador," sung by Willie Torres and Marcos Bermudez, and the opening number "Aqui Cada Uno Viene Con Lo Suyo," interpreted by Frankie Vazquez, serve to remind us of what is truly indestructible: the very spirit of salsa and the dancers it is made for.
1. Aqui Cada Uno Viene Con Lo Suyo (canta Frankie Vasquez)
2. Ponme A Gozar (canta Jose Papo Rivera)
3. Soneros De Bailadores (canta Frankie Vasquez)
4. La Cintura Quieres Mover (Reggaeton)
5. Asustado (canta Jose Papo Rivera)
6. Indestructible (Homenaje A Ray Barretto) (canta Frankie Vasquez)
7. Siempre Muere Con Ganas (canta Frankie Morales)
8. Homenaje Al Bailador (canta Willie Torres, Marco Bermudez)
9. Un Desconocido (canta Van Lester)