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Intenso - Gilberto Santa Rosa

Titel : Intenso

Artiest(en) : Gilberto Santa Rosa

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2001

Label : Sony

€ 15,00


GSRosa`s Intenso from 2001 has been accurately considered a salsa album, however it is appropriate to mention Gilberto Santa Rosa`s music influences while making this record, from Spanish flamenco to Cuban son and bolero, and even Latin rock. Intenso`s hybrid sounds turn it into an interesting experimental tropical album.
I think the arrangements were the most innovative I`ve heard in Salsa. This album is a 5 star, because Luis Perico Ortiz arranges some songs. This is one of his best. The last 3 were ok compared to this one. There is new incorporations of rythms that sets the cd apart from all the other salsa pop out there. Excellent! De colores is a ska-salsa (influences by Los Rabanes) which turns out as a very new fast paced salsa rythm. Great CD.
1. Advertencia (4:35)
2. Alguna Parte De Ti (4:58)
3. La Agarro Bajando (4:15)
4. Mentira (4:40)
5. Acechando (3:53)
6. Pueden Decir (ballad) (3:34)
7. Pero No Me Ama (3:53)
8. De Colores (4:12)
9. Se Puede (2:51)
10. Si No Lo Digo Ahora (4:34)
11. Bailalo (4:14)
12. Pueden Decir (4:12)