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Inedito Tite Curet - Joe Quijano

Titel : Inedito Tite Curet

Artiest(en) : Joe Quijano

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Cesta

€ 19,90


Joe Quijano Y Augusto Onna ‎– 50 Años Despues - Lo Inédito De Tite Curet Alonso
Joe Quijano Y Su Conjunto - Lo Inédito De Tite Curet Alonso: Joe Quijano Y Augusto Onna (Cesta-35000)
Here`s previously unpublished material by the great Tite Curet Alonso, finally brought to the light of day by bandleader and producer Joe Quijano. Recorded in New York and in Puerto Rico with a slew of amazing talent, Quijano`s treasure trove of Curet Alonso material that lay dormant since 1959, offers a new window into the genius of the late, revered Puerto Rican composer. Quijano also includes one of his own compositions, Tributo a Don Tite Curet Alonso, a swinging extended descarga jam arranged by none other than Luis "Perico" Ortiz (who, by the way, arranged most of the tracks on this album). Perico also plays on the album (trumpets, vibrafono, tuba). Other participants: Van Lester, Pete Bonet, Willie Villegas, Paquito Guzman, Nacho Sanabria, Harry Fraticelli, Orlando Marin, Pete Nater, Luisito Ayala, Jaime Rivera, Manny Mieles, Ralphy Perez, Raffy Torres, Eliut Cintrón, Augusto Onna (Quijano`s musical director for over 35 years) and a bunch more...
1. El Pastizal - Cesta All Stars
2. Melodia - Canta Van Lester
3. Te Amé - Canta Harry Fraticelli
4. Rumores - Canta Paquito Guzman
5. Mama Dila A Ese Hombre - Cesta All Stars
6. Sonriedo Fué - Cantan Filo Cruz, Luisito Ayala Y Nacho Sanabria
7. Nube Negra - Cantan Harry Fraticelli, Paquito Guzman Y Joe Quijano
8. Solo - Canta Joe Quijano
9. Tributo A Don Tite Curet Alonso (Descarga) - Cesta All Stars
10. Efectivamente - Canta Pedro (Bolida) Gomez
11. El Que Se Fue, Se Fue - Canta Joe Quijano