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Iconos - Marc Anthony

Titel : Iconos

Artiest(en) : Marc Anthony

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Sony

€ 13,99


Marc Anthony`s "Iconos" uit 2010 is een romantisch album met zwaar aangezette, dramatische, passievolle Spaanstalige baladas.
A collection of covers that pays homage to his favorite Latin singers and songs. Songs originally by José José, Juan Gabriel, José Luis Perales, Roberto Carlos and others...
1. Almohada
2. El Triste
3. Y Como Es El
4. Abrazame Muy Fuerte
5. Te lo Pido Por Favor
6. Amada Amante
7. Vida
8. Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas
9. A Quien Quiero Mentirle
10. Maldita Sea Mi Suerte
"Marc Anthony is an outstanding and daring singer. He has incredible vocal range, as well as the control to move from quiet notes to powerful ones. He puts feeling and conviction into every phrase. The drama may be overwhelming for some, but much of the time the vocals soar, and at times are spectacular.
The arrangements are elegant and meticulously layered, with a mix of classical instruments and pop sounds. As with many of Marc Anthony`s productions, they take you to a different place. The songs are classic and well-produced, but the highlight of this album is his voice."