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Iconos (2-CD) - Tommy Olivencia

Titel : Iconos (2-CD)

Artiest(en) : Tommy Olivencia

Genre : Salsa

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Machete

€ 17,99


Top verzamelaar van deze legendarische bandleider (1938-2006) uit Puerto Rico. Dit is een overzicht van Tommy`s werk uit de jaren 80 met zangers als Frankie Ruiz, Hector Tricoche, Chamaco Ramirez. This 2-CD set can be viewed as the definitive collection of Tommy Olivencia`s 1979-1990 recordings for the TH-Rodven label. All of the big hits ("Atrevida", "Anita Tun Tun", "No Que No", "Los Golpes Ensenan", "Primero Fui Yo", "Te Estoy Estudiando", "Lobo Domesticado", "No Tires La Primera Piedra", etc.) are here and this anthology features much better sound quality than previously available compilations. Tommy Olivencia was a true giant of Puerto Rican Salsa and his musical legacy is nothing short of amazing. While it would be nice to see all of Tommy`s TH-Rodven albums reissued on CD in their entirety this compilation does offer a fitting and well-deserved tribute to one of Puerto Rico`s greatest musicians and bandleader.
Mr. Olivencia`s band was a training camp for such great soneros as Frankie Ruiz, Simon Perez, Paquito Guzman, Chamaco Ramirez and Sammy Gonzalez (to name a few!) and he is rightfully regarded as one of Salsa`s greatest bandleaders--as well as a trendsetter and innovator.
1. No Que No
2. Mujeres Como Tú
3. Lápiz de Carmín
4. Cómo Lo Hacen
5. Como una Estrella
6. Aléjate de Mi
7. Lo Dudo
8. Fiesta de Besos
9. Periquito Pin-pin
10. No Soy Automático
11. Primero Fui Yo
12. Cosas Nativas
13. Los Golpes Enseñan
1. Si Tú Te Vas
2. La Suplicante
3. Recordando Detalles
4. Te Estoy Estudiando
5. Luna Lunera
6. Atrevida
7. Anita Tun Tun
8. Misteriosa Mujer
9. Que Pobre Amante Eres
10. No Tires la Primera Piedra
11. Doce Rosas
12. Lobo Domesticado