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I Love Salsa (Spec.Ed.) - N`Klabe

Titel : I Love Salsa (Spec.Ed.)

Artiest(en) : N`Klabe

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Sony

€ 15,90


CD N`Klabe - I Love Salsa (spec.edition)
Having a great selection of invided singers just made the CD better than the original. Real Salsa fan will add this one to the collection.
1. I Love Salsa!
2. Evitare (with Victor Manuelle)
3. La Salsa De Puerto Rico (with Cheo Feliciano)
4. Quizas (with Rey Ruiz)
5. Llegaste A Tiempo (with Ismael Miranda)
6. Amor De Una Noche (with Voltio)
7. Tiempo (with Luisito Carrion)
8. Polos Opuestos (with Brenda K. Starr)
9. La Favorita (with Moncho Rivera)
10. Amor De Una Noche Ballad Version (Bonus Track)
Taking their name from the term "en clave," a reference to the heartbeat of the Afro-Cuban rhythm section, N`Klabe declares that they are all about salsa and nothing else. With an honorable goal, to bring the love of salsa to a disenchanted generation, N`Klabe sets out to turn the tides with I Love Salsa!, their debut CD for Sony International. Lead vocalists Héctor José Torres Donato, Félix Javier Torres, and Johnny Maldonado Díaz have made a lot of progress toward that end, with a number one hit on Latin charts to their credit, "Amor de una Noche." N`Klabe is a radio success and a favorite with younger audiences. With a look even too clean-cut to be called boy band, and a sound that`s even cleaner, the salsa that they love is all by the book. The arrangements, vocal/instrumental performance, and repertoire are all woefully unremarkable. Though not a strong selection for those already familiar with the style, this squeaky-clean debut performance has found a home with a new audience. N`Klabe has gone to great lengths, from the album`s cover art to the title cut`s coro, to reach a yet untapped generation of salsa lovers.