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Huey Dunbar IV - Huey Dunbar

Titel : Huey Dunbar IV

Artiest(en) : Huey Dunbar

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Planet

€ 6,90


Ex-DLG (Dark Latin Groove) zanger Huey Dunbar met lekkere club-salsa, 2010 release.
Huey Dunbar was the former singer of DLG (Dark Latin Groove), great superstars of American Urban Music. After the group breakup in 2000, he planned to go solo and started to sing some Classic hits of Urban Latin Music. Hailed by many critics as the future of high quality Latin music, After 7 years from his previous album, it is now been released worldwide his third album.
1. Amarte
2. Te Amare
3. Ayudame
4. Mi Deseo
5. Alimenta Mi Alma
6. Asi Es
7. Puedo Existir
8. Tu Luz
9. Llegar
10. Si Tu Me Amas