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Homenaje A Los Rumberos - Edwin Bonilla

Titel : Homenaje A Los Rumberos

Artiest(en) : Edwin Bonilla

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Sonicprojects

€ 17,90


Edwin Bonilla is vaste percussionist in de band van Gloria Estefan, in z`n vrije tijd maakt hij spetterende salsa dura CD`s met de nadruk op timbales, bongo y bongos.
His previous recordings, Edwin y Su Son, Soy La Candela and Pa` La Calle received outstanding reviews and critical acclaim from renowned music critics like Descarga.com, All About Jazz, Allmusic.com, AOL Radio, The Miami Herald and many more.
This albim pays tribute to the old school salsa masters, with original songs and classics like "Canto Abacuâ" by Rubén Blades & "Ella Esta En Otra Rumba" by Tite Curet Alonso. Powerful horns, strong percussion riffs, crisp and wide vocal arrangements, deep live descargasare what define Edwin`s sound.
Edwin blends rich Afro-percussion with blasting pure dance tracks for the real salsa dancers. Featured artists; Jesus "El Nino" Perez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Cheo Quinones y Ricardo Gaitin.
1. La Melodia
2. Yambu Matancero
3. Ritmo De Abacua "intro"
4. Canto Abacua
5. Timbalero Buena
6. Ella Esta En Otra Rumba
7. Homenaje A Los Rumberos
8. Adiviname Y Olvidate
9. No Hay Quien Se Aguante