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Hecho en Puerto Rico - Conjunto Sabrosura

Titel : Hecho en Puerto Rico

Artiest(en) : Conjunto Sabrosura

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2015

Label : Sabrosura

€ 19,99


Sabrosura`s eerste album, "Mona Pa` Mi Bongo" was een van dé verrassingen van 2013 en lijkt erop dat deze nieuwe, tweede CD "Hecho en Puerto Rico" nóg beter is.
A mixture of genres like Rumba, Guaracha, Son & Classical Salsa.
Conjunto Sabrosura releases their second album Hecho en Puerto Rico (Made in Puerto Rico), where as in their first album, Mona Pa `Mi Bongo (2013), they use as cornerstone the compositions of their founder and musical director, Ihosvany Negret. This album without a doubt will reinforce the authenticity and the already peculiar sound that identifies this young but experienced group that in just two years since their birth has performed at major venues such as the famous Conga Room in Los Angeles and the Lincoln Center in New York City. The Cuban vocalist Mayte Perez, strong and masterfully interprets a repertoire that covers genres such as Rumba, Guaracha, Son and Classical Salsa. There were more than a dozen excellent musicians involved in the recordings of this album, highlighted with the presence of the internationally renowned musicians such as trumpeter Luis Aquino, Pianist Jose "Leni" Prieto, Bassist Pedro Perez and Percussionists Paoli Mejias, Edwin Bonilla and Sammy Garcia, all under the musical direction of Ihosvany Negret.
1. Canto a Ponce
2. Pregón Llegó
3. Mala Maña-101
4. Hecho en Puerto Rico
5. Con la Espuela
6. Me voy pa` Cali
7. Mi Rumba
8. Quimbara
9. Pa` la Sanse
10. Sabrosura Viva