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Gozalo - LA-33

Titel : Gozalo

Artiest(en) : LA-33

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Walboomers

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Tweede album van Bogota`s LA-33 borduurt voort op hun succesvolle eersteling met salsa dura, mambo, boogaloo en latin-jazz.
Contrary to what happens when a recording takes an unsuspected commercial acceptance, GOZALO, the second recording by La-33 did not appeal to cliché formulas and banalities. The twelve members of the band (including Pablo Martinez, a singer who came to enrich the impeccable vocal chord that for years kept David Cantillo Malpelo and Guillermo Celis) took the risk of editing this material, with several Descargas, lots of intelligent lyrics, a good load of jazz and a touch of traditional Colombian music. So, between February and July of 2007, again in the Audiovisión recording studios, the band began recording Descarga 33, Gózalo and La Tormenta, which reminded us momentarily the seventies sound of Fruko y sus Tesos and Los Corraleras de Majagual. Impeccable from the beginning to the end, GOZALO shows up yet unknown facets of La-33 as is the case of La Fea and Bomba Colombiana, inspired by the themes merengue and Bomba but paste together with some champeta cartagenera. But this explosive cocktail doesn’t stop here. Boleros and montunos come together in El Robo, Arrullo y Son and Por que Yo; some soul slips into El Turpial and jazz echoes in My favorite things and Pliny Guzman The last one is a composition from Lucho Bermudez interpreted here with a devastating force.
1. Descarga 33
2. Bye-Bye
3. Ma Quiéreme Na
4. Plinio Guzmán
5. La Fea
6. El Robo
7. Te Lo voy a devolver
8. Gozalo
9. Bomba Colombiana
10. Porque yo
11. La Rumba Buena
12. El Turpial
13. La Tormenta
14. Arrullo Y Son
15. My Favorite Things
Orquesta La 33 has once again produced another great album, packed with some very unique, vibrant Salsa. While this band can certainly speed it up at times, they have more of a controlled slower sound than your average Colombian fare, particularly the bass which is played pretty slow. Their brass also sounds different than the typical Colombian band, with a strong NYC influence.