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Expresion - Gilberto Santa Rosa

Titel : Expresion

Artiest(en) : Gilberto Santa Rosa

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1999

Label : Sony

€ 15,00


Prachige mix op EXPRESION van Gilberto Santa Rosa (1999 release) met traditional salsa, ballad, funk, and even hip-hop are the ingredients in another excellent Gilberto Santa Rosa production by Jose M Lugo. Imagination runs wild as everything in this recording clicks with excitement. Watch out for "Si No Me Ven Llorando" (arranged by Bobby Valentín) and the lyrical, bittersweet "A la Distancia de un Te Quiero" (arranged by Jeremy Lubbock.
Undoubtebly, one of the greatest soneros and argubly the best salsero of our time. This CD offers salsa tracks in different forms, son montuno, calypso influenced salsa, ballads and even a dance remix. For those of you, who like myself, appreciate soneros, pure salsa, and excellent music arrangements, this CD is a must.

1. Dejate Querer (4:41)
2. Que Alguien Me Diga (4:50)
3. Si Los Hombres Han Llegado Hasta la Luna (4:55)
4. Mis Ojos Lloran (4:12)
5. Ni Te Llamo Ni Te Busco (4:22)
6. No la He Vuelto a Ver (4:21)
7. Fulana (4:16)
8. A La Distancia de Un Te Quiero (4:26)
9. Almas Gemelas (4:35)
10. Si No Me Ven Llorando (4:00)
11. Pa` Quererse No Hay Que Verse (4:43)
12. Fulana (remix) (5:13)
13. Que Alguien Me Diga (balada) (4:08)