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Evolución - Plena Libre

Titel : Evolución

Artiest(en) : Plena Libre

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Walboomers

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Plena Libre - Evolucion uit 2006 met opzwepende plena muziek. Uitstekende introductie in de plena door de crossover in sommige nummers met andere stijlen.
Sparkling new bomba and plena release led by bassist Gary Nunez. If you are new to the percussive folkloric dance music of Puerto Rico, the high energy Evolución would be a perfect entry. With vocalists Wichy Camacho, Carlos "Kalie" Villanueva, and Rafael "Pole" Ortiz. Aldo with special guests Angel Luis Torruellas, Andres Jimenez, And Quique Domenech. One of the freshest Puerto Rico roots dance releases of the year
1. Mi Plena Es Libre
2. El Panuelo Colorao
3. La Nota
4. Como Son Las Cosas
5. Tumbao
6. Me Quisiste
7. Evolucion
8. Yenyere
9. Cantare A Puerto Rico
10. Aqui Todo Sube
11. Remolino de Mar
12. Olandera
13. Vivir con Ganas
Not content with being perhaps the best-known purveyors of plena outside of their native Puerto Rico, Plena Libre have dramatically expanded their sound on Evolucion. This is no lame pop-crossover attempt, however, but an album that places the group`s preferred styles of plena (basically, a native form of folk music that is to Puerto Rico roughly what calypso is to the Bahamas) and bomba (dramatic, danceable music based on African-originated forms) in the larger context of Afro-Cuban and Latin musical forms. So instead of infusing their material with American pop influences -- an approach that almost never works -- Plena Libre add bits of bossa nova, merengue, and other familiar forms to their own distinctive style. It works a treat, with fleet acoustic guitar trills, honking baritone sax, bata drums, and every imaginable form of hand percussion percolating underneath the group`s mass-chanted vocals. In keeping with the group`s deep connections to Puerto Rican musical history, however, three of the songs were written by Angel Luis Torruellas, a living legend who would be first pick for Puerto Rico`s version of the Buena Vista Social Club, and he provides lead vocals on one track, a fiery, piano-led Latin jazz rendition of his standard "Yenyere".