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Essential - Tito Puente

Titel : Essential

Artiest(en) : Tito Puente

Genre : Salsa

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Sony

€ 21,90


A remarkably well selected two-disc collection, THE ESSENTIAL TITO PUENTE focuses on the Latin-music icon`s heyday, from 1949 to 1960. Endlessly enthusiastic, undeniably charming, and prodigiously talented, Puente was the king of New York City`s mambo scene in the `50s, fascinating jubilant crowds at the Palladium and other esteemed venues with his stunning skill as both a bandleader and a percussionist. Highlights of this amazingly solid set include the lively "Mambo Gozon," the frenetic "Pa` Los Rumberos," and the utterly infectious "Oye Como Va," later famously covered by Santana. All of these tunes feature boisterous horn charts and an intricate web of percussion.

Anyone with even the slightest interest in Latin music will enjoy this excellent 40-track compilation.
1. Ran Kan Kan
2. Swinging The Mambo
3. Four Beat Cha Cha (Part I)
4. Cuando Te Vea
5. Tito Guajira
6. Mambo Gozon
7. Night Hawk
8. Doctor`s Nightmare
9. Abaniquito
10. Picadillo
11. Mambo Beat
12. Cao Cao Mani Picao
13. Birdland After Dark
14. Obatala Yeza
15. Chanchullo
16. Pa`los Rumberos
17. Hong Kong Mambo (alternate take)
18. What Is This Thing Called Love
19. Complicacion
20. Tito Timbero
1. Oye Como Va
2. Cuas Es Idea
3. El Cayuco
4. Son De La Loma
5. 3-D Mambo
6. Cuban Nightmare
7. Oye Mi Guaguanco
8. Take The A Train
9. Elegua Chango
10. Si Te Contara
11. Cha-Con-Cha
12. Dance Mania
13. Sacala
14. Ti Mon Bo
15. Yambeque
16. Lotus Land
17. Malibu Beat
18. A Gozar Timbero
19. Havana After Dark
20. Mambo Buda