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En Cuarentena - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Titel : En Cuarentena

Artiest(en) : El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 04-2021

Label : EGC

€ 19,90


voorraad 28 april 2021 CD El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - En Cuarentena 

1. El Combo del Mundo (4:19)

2. Hay Que Quererte (4:15)
3. Tilin Tilón (4:20)
4. No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar (4:20)
5. Salchicha con Jamonilla (4:22)
6. Primera Vista (3:55)
7. Solo Por Tu Amor (4:14)
8. Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Combo (4:24)
9. El Ron de la Tiera (4:39)
When it comes to salsa, the universal reference is El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico that for more than five decades has brought flavor and rumba around the planet and this week their new album will be released. The combo of the world from the hand of the composer Prodigio Claudio and the arranger Willie Sotelo.
The combo of the world is a salsa mix that compiles the group’s legacy with distinctive rhymes and chords from El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, with lyrics that describe a trajectory that leads to consecrate all current music and to frame respect for the musical key that adorns its collection artistic directed to the fan and the dancer.
“The public wants good sauce and we are going to obey. The rhythm and essence of El Gran Combo continue, it is the brand with which the world knows us. We are proud that from Puerto Rico we can offer the public joy in the midst of so many situations such as the pandemic we are experiencing today, ”said teacher Rafael Ithier, leader of the group that won countless international awards, in written statements.