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Ecos del Barrio - La Excelencia

Titel : Ecos del Barrio

Artiest(en) : La Excelencia

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Handle With Care

€ 25,00


"Ecos del Barrio" (2012) is de derde CD van New York`s La Excelencia, very powerfull stuff van de meest relevante salsa groep van het moment. Composities en arrangementen lijken nog beter klinken dan op hun 2 vorige, ook al niet misselijke albums. ! Met toevoegen van de getalenteerde tres gitarist én coro-zanger Yuniel Jimenez heeft Excelencia een extra ijzer in het vuur en wordt hun muziek nog veelzijdiger.
In 2013 ging een groot deel van Excelencia door onder de naam Orquesta SCC (Salsa Con Conciencia) en bracht de CD Renacimiento uit.
1. Intro (0:22)
2. Pa`l Mundo Entero (3:37)
3. Dale Otra Oportunidad (5:23)
4. Nueva York Sin Ti (5:08)
5. Guerrero (6:11)
6. María (6:53)
7. Entre Espinas (5:03)
8. La Economía (Album Version) (5:34)
9. Anoche Soñé Contigo (4:41)
10. Vagabundo (4:07)
11. Iyáñlá (4:30)
12. Descarga La Excelencia (Tsumugi) (5:24)
Following on from their previous two releases `Salsa Con Conciencia` and `Mi Tumbao Social`, New York based Salsa band La Excelencia have delivered their eagerly awaited `Ecos Del Barrio` album.
For anyone that`s not already familiar with the band, La Excelencia have been making waves within the Salsa music scene since their inception in 2005, due to their raw hard-hitting sound and conscious song-writing, as well as their great live shows. The band was founded by percussionists Jose Vazquez-Cofresi and Julian Silva, who have self-funded the releases through their own `Handle with Care Productions` imprint.
Onto the album, and after a brief intro track, the album kicks off in true La Excelencia style, courtesy of `Pa`l Mundo Entero` and the trademark horns that have become synonymous with the bands sound. There`s no gentle easing into things here, but this is La Excelencia - full on and in your face from the off!!
There are a real variety of styles brought out in this album, from the fast-paced `Dale Oportunided` and its lovely piano undertones courtesy of the hugely talented Willy Rodriguez, to the insanely-soulful Tres-driven cha-cha of `Guerrero`, and the lovely strings evident on `Maria`.
There`s a lot here that epitomises the raw sound of the band that we`re used to, but there`s also a real maturing of their sound and production throughout this album, particularly in the great dance floor burners of `Nueva York Sin Ti` and `Iyáñlá`, the cha-cha of `Vagabundo`, and the delightful `Descarga La Excelencia (Tsumugi)`, which provides the musicians with a great platform on which to highlight their impressive skills!
In summary, this is great leap forward for a band that are constantly continuing to challenge and push boundaries within the Salsa music scene. There`s a real maturity about their sound now, while the conscientious lyrics remain, and the album production and sequencing is top drawer!!! There`s a lot of danceable material throughout, and I expect this CD to receive a lot more airtime in Salsa clubs than the previous two releases, and this is also a collection of tracks that are going to further enhance the bands already impressive live shows.
Finally, it`s not just the music either with this band, they bring great design concepts and artwork to accompany the sounds… the whole image is complete¦ La Excelencia are a band that are totally relevant to today, they`re cool, and a group that the younger generation of salseras can really relate to. (Reviewed by Steve / DJ Torqueo - Salsacentral)
La Excelencia ran from 2005-2012 and in 2013 reorganized under the name Orquesta SCC which is a salsa dura orchestra based in New York City.