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Eba Say Aja - Cheo Feliciano & Ruben Blades

Titel : Eba Say Aja

Artiest(en) : Cheo Feliciano & Ruben Blades

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Ariel Rivas

€ 16,90


On 2012`s Eba Say Aja, two great salsa soneros—the Panamanian Ruben Blades and the Puerto Rican Cheo Feliciano—cover each other’s songs and team up to sing two duets. With lots of vibes (vibraphone).
1. Nina
2. De Aquí Pa` Allá
3. Dime
4. Franqueza Cruel
5. Inodoro Perez
6. Juana Mayo
7. Lo Bueno Ya Viene
8. Los Entierros
9. Manuela
10. Busca Lo Tuyo
11. Si Te Dicen
12. Sin Tu Cariño
The singers share vocals on “Lo Bueno Ya Viene” and “Si Te Dicen.”
On the first track, the pair engages in an exciting back-and-forth; Feliciano is soulful and earthy while Blades soars.
“Si Te Dicen” finds Feliciano’s ultra-romantic lead nicely contrasting with the passages where the two sing together.
And check out Feliciano’s spirited rendering of the unreleased Blades song “Inodoro Perez.”
Luis Marín: Piano y vibes
Felipe Fournier: Vibes
Raul Rodríguez; Vibes
Charlie Sierra: Timbales, bongó, percusión menor
Richard Carrasco; Bongó
Albert Machuca: Bongó
William “Cachiro” Thompson: Congas
Georgie Padilla: Congas
Louis Garcia: Tres
Pedro Pérez: Bajo
Darvel Garcia: Coro
Wichi Camacho: Coro
Chegüi Ramos: Coro
Primi Cruz: Coro