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Doble Play - Oscar D`Leon

Titel : Doble Play

Artiest(en) : Oscar D`Leon

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Eurotrpical

€ 17,90


Oscar D`Leon y Wladimir - Doble Play, soort van een Dimension Latina reunie, jaren 70, toen Oscar en Wladimir de salsa wereld veroverden met strakke arrangementen, en dansbare composities. Hier doen ze het nog eens over.
1. Clima de Amor
2. Anabacoa
3. Prohibida
4. Quisiera Ser
5. Madrigal
6. Fin de Semana
7. Chan Chan
8. Compréndema Nena
9. Tuya Y Mía
10. Mosaico

I agree that this work goes back to how Oscar began his career with the Dimension Latina. You listen to this CD and you can see yourself listening to the same style which made him so popular 25 years ago. Whether it is with a big band or this style which focuses on the trombones, Oscar is first class. It was worth waiting for the reunion of Oscar and Wladimir. Their duos are an excellent blend reminiscent of songs such as El Frutero and Taboga. If you are an Oscar D`leon fan or were a fan of the Dimension Latina era, Doble Play is a must.