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De Trulla - El Gran Combo

Titel : De Trulla

Artiest(en) : El Gran Combo

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2021

Label : Rimas

€ 17,90


Luego de 36 años, llegamos con todas las energías para que celebren con nosotros la Navidad junto a nuestro disco "De Trulla Con El Combo" que incluye 10 temas navideños completamente inéditos."
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico XMAs cd 2021
The veteran salsa orchestra El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico, recently nominated for a Grammy for its album “En Cuarentena”, presented its new production, “De trulla con El Combo” on wednesday. , her first Christmas album in over 35 years.
It is the first Christmas album since “La Fiesta de Pilito” (1985) and the third in the history of the orchestra, which soon turns 60 years of career.
Rafael Ithier, 95 years old and conductor of the orchestra, stressed that this time they produced the album quickly while before it took “between ten and twelve years to make a Christmas record.”
“For this reason, I was captivated by the idea and we succeeded. We achieved it in record time, and more in time of a pandemic. I was sick and I am still trapped, but giving fire,” he said.
For his part, Willie Sotelo, pianist of the legendary group, which carries among its nicknames “The University of Salsa”, has emphasized the opportunity of having published two albums in the same year, the other being “En quarantine”.
1. De Trulla Con el Combo (4:29)
2. No Hay (4:19)
3. Coro, Coro, Coro (4:18)
4. Cuando Den las Doce (4:26)
5. Me Llevan Ajorao (4:06)
6. Por Ahi, Por Ahi, Por Ahi (4:13)
7. No Se Va a Poder (4:28)
8. La Parranda del Amigo (4:19)
9. La Dieta de la Navidad (3:55)
10. Paz para los Pueblos (4:59)