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De Panama Para El Mundo CD+DVD - Omar Alfanno

Titel : De Panama Para El Mundo CD+DVD

Artiest(en) : Omar Alfanno

Genre : Salsa, Videos

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Capuri

€ 21,90


12 track CD along with a 21 track DVD. 2014 release
Omar Enrique Alfanno Velásquez, better known as Omar Alfanno, is a Panamanian singer-songwriter of Latin music who is most active in the salsa and merengue genres.
He has composed for musicians like Tony Vega, Luis Enrique, Melina Leon, Jerry Rivera, Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Marc Anthony. His most successful song, "A Puro Dolor" performed by the Son by Four, reached the Billboard Hot 100. The song was awarded a Lo Nuestro Award, the Billboard Music Award, and a Latin Grammy Award nomination in 2000. His song "Amores Como el Nuestro" which was written for Jerry Rivera was sampled by Shakira and Wyclef Jean on the song "Hips Don`t Lie".
In April 2013 he performed with many of his collaborators in a concert in Panama
Omar`s live performance at the ruins of Old Panama City titled, Omar Alfanno De Panama Para El Mundo, Live concert with guests Luis Enrique, Tony Vega, and Angel Lopez,
includes a 12 track CD along with a 21 track DVD.
1. Intro Musical (also on cd)
2. Te Conozco Bien (also on cd)
3. Paquito El Rareza (also on cd)
4. La Curiosidad
5. Que Habria Sido De Mi (also on cd)
6. Esa Mujer
7. Aprarentamente
8. El Gran Varón (also on cd)
9. Medley De Boleros (also on cd)
10. Contra La Corriente (also on cd)
11. Cuanto Agradezco
12. Y Hubo Alguien (also on cd)
13. El Amor Es Algo Mas
14. San Juan Sin Ti
15. King Of The World
16. Date Un Chance
17. Un Hombre Enamorado (also on cd)
18. Amores Como El Nuestro
19. A Puro Dolor
20. Que Alguien Me Diga (also on cd)
21. Nadie Como Ella (also on cd)