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De Nuevo En El Solar - Nabori

Titel : De Nuevo En El Solar

Artiest(en) : Nabori

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Nabori

€ 17,90


Salsa-TIP uit Chicago, USA: Arrangements by pianist Andy Guzman (Mulenze) and Venezuelan pianist Willie Melo.
Orquesta Nabori is back with a new CD entitled “De Nuevo En El Solar” which will burn up all the dance floors worldwide for sure. These cats from Chi-Town and Milwaukee are known for their super hot old school sound which we DJs and salseros love to play and dance to. I received three outstanding tracks from their new production and are all smokin’. The track I’m featuring is called “Sal Si Puedes” a dance track que tiene un tremendo swing and was definitely put together with the Bailadores in mind. “Quien Te Raspo” is another Banger which DJs will need to add to their dance floor arsenal as well. And finally “Encuentro” which is a Salsa Romantica, but with a hard dance arrangement. I highly recommend you pick this bad boy up. And DJs a Big Time must have.(DJ Walter B Nice for NewGenSalsa.com)
1. Quien Te Raspo?
2. Salsipuedes
3. Linda Cubana
4. Camina Conmigo
5. Salao
6. Mi Chele Cumbae
7. Laberinto
8. Encuentro