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Dave Santiago & Latin Affair - Dave Santiago & Latin Affair

Titel : Dave Santiago & Latin Affair

Artiest(en) : Dave Santiago & Latin Affair

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2002

Label : Walboomers

€ 8,00


Dave Santiago & Latin Affair uit 2002 met lekkere New York Salsa
Here`s some pure, unadulterated, swingin` salsa gorda from the Bronx that will most definitely get them onto the dance floor. No romantica filler material, only capital `S` Salsa decked out with with four trumpets, two trombones and terrific tres and cuatro accompaniment by Louis `Carrasceao` Rodriguez. There are two generations at work here: Dave Santiago Sr. is one of the lead vocalists and plays guiro and maracas. His son, Dave Santiago Sr., plays flute. Latin Affair also boasts one of our favorite New York congueros, Papo Pepin. (review by Descarga)
1. Chibola
2. Infiel Amante
3. La Botija De Abuelito
4. La Peluca
5. Arrepentida
6. Suavito Asi
7. Averiguao
8. Musica
9. De La Montaña
10. Descarga Cuatro Y Tres
11. Infiel Amante (Club Mix)