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Yusa - Yusa

Titel : Yusa

Artiest(en) : Yusa

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Tumi

€ 14,90


Aangenaam luister album van de Cubaanse zangeres YUSA.
Yusa comes out of east Havana with a hard-driving style and a raw edge to her voice, sounding like a grown-up street kid. But she`s actually had the benefit of a conservatory education, starting as a guitarist, and going on to play the trés, piano, and bass. She then starred with a female jazz quintet in a celebrated basement club; she`s always been an instinctive collaborator. And that`s what makes this CD so beguiling: everything has the accomplished sheen that comes from constant group improvisation. There`s no vanity in Yusa`s sound. You sense that, with her, it`s the words and the emotion what matter, not perfection of tone.
A slick, sweeping Cuban jazz-ballads crossover, which reminds me a bit of Brazilian artists such as Joyce or Djavan, or North Americans like Jane Bunnett and Diana Krall. Not my cup of tea, really, but fans of the style might enjoy this quite a bit. (also Sade, Norah Jones)
When the joint jumps, she leads energetically from the front. Given a cool-jazz backing, she responds with a graceful softening in her tone. Her thoughts are as surreal as those of Portuguese fadista Misia, but they`re not so spooky. Yusa is your ideal musical companion for a convivial evening.
1. Tomando El Centro
2. A Las Doce
3. La Fabula
4. Tienta Paredes
5. Cuestion De Angulo
6. La Partida
7. La Numero 2
8. Mares De Inocencia
9. Todo O Casi Nada
10. Cancion En Cuna Para Freya
11. En Todas Las Esquinas
12. Involucion
13. Momentos
14. Chiquichaca
15. Flash