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Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie - Bamboleo

Titel : Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie

Artiest(en) : Bamboleo

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Ahi-Nama

€ 19,90


From the forefront of contemporary Cuban dance music comes this primarily vocal-driven mixture of Cuban jazz and salsa. Switching between ballads and rapping, and everything in between, these ladies of song are backed up by a fine instrumental section, and wonderful musical direction from Lazaro Valdes. The work is generally well done on all fronts, and the final product is a nice mix of Cuban dances, fast and slow. The only possible holdback for the average American audience might be the language barrier. This, though, is inconsequential. The music is the thing here, and the music is enjoyable without knowledge of the full lyrical content (though, of course, that does help get some of the jokes across).
1. Opening Estudio 10
2. Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie
3. S No Hablaras Tanto
4. Amor Sin Traspaso
5. Tu y Yo, Una Misma Cosa
6. Pelicula Vieja
7. Cuentales
8. Mirando Al Cielo
9. Con un Canto en el Pecho