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Un Poquito de To - Paulo FG

Titel : Un Poquito de To

Artiest(en) : Paulo FG

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Bis

€ 19,90


Paulo FG - Un Poquito de To
Paulito was hailed as one of the biggest stars of the Timba scene after his groundbreaking release, Con la conciencia tranquila" almost 10 years ago. Since then he has released some experimental/self indulgent stuff that saw him lose ground with the Timba crowd. Now, "El sofocador de la Habana" is back with a recording that demonstrates that all is not lost.
The title track is a moving scorcher that has a rap break. The singing and arrangement of the song are done á la Marc Anthony, very NY. The difference is we know live, Paulo can improvise the hell out of a song. "Pasta con tostones" gears to a more Timba sound with a sticky chorus and piano tumbaos making this a favorite. Straight ahead salsa romantica gets a notch here with "Jura".
As the title suggests, there`s a bit of everything here from reggaeton to boleros and he obviously has been listening to Marc and Victor Manuelle. Some things work better than others and hopefully this will be a step closer for Paulito to decide to go all the way and gives us that full, take-no-prisoners Timba that the Timba crowd has been dying to hear from him. (review by Salsapower)
Un Poquito de To is a return to dance music, after a slight slip into pop music. And Un Poquito de To is equal to his best works, an album that shows off his high, pure voice listen to the exceptional soneos on Un Poquito de to`. He`s even included a funny song about Italian/Cuban marriages, "Pasta Con Tostones." There`s plenty here that could hit on Latin radio he`s toned down the timba and a tune like "Confio en Ti," is just perfect salsa, sung by one of the Caribbean`s greatest singers. Check out his control on "Confio," taking the tune intense, then laying off for a big, then taking it intense again. He can make his voice do almost anything, make it surge with emotion, then make it sound thoughtful, or exciting with a percussive edge. And later into the tune, the breaks charge the tune, while he slips in serpentine lines. It`s the work of a mature master. (review by Descarga)
1. Un poquito de to`
2. El punto
3. Admiradora
4. Pasta con tostones
5. Confio en ti
6. Te bote
7. Jura
8. Cleopatra
9. Fue el
10. Su libertad