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Un, Dos, Tres Soneros - Soneros de Verdad

Titel : Un, Dos, Tres Soneros

Artiest(en) : Soneros de Verdad

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Connector

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Luis Frank Arias (leader and singer of the band) himself calls Soneros de Verdad "the second generation of the Buena Vista Social Club". In addition to some Cuban classics, Soneros de Verdad also present a wealth of new songs - in "ancient costume" so to speak. In order for this mixture of old and new to work perfectly, Luis Frank took another gifted star of the Latin scene on board to join his six-man elite band: no less a singer than MAYITO RIVERA. Previously, Rivera had been the front man and the face of legendary LOS VAN VAN for twenty years. With this wealth of musical experience and the accumulated dexterity of its musicians, the combo Soneros de Verdad succeeds in delighting audiences all over the world. SONEROS DE VERDAD (The Singers of Truth) is a band with two exceptional vocalists who are hard to beat. Luis Frank, a master of son cubano, alongside Mayito Rivera, with his outstanding timba vocals, both bewitch the audience with their fiery stage presence. Soneros De Verdad are a MUST for every true lover of good Cuban music!
1. Perfecta Combinacion
2. Aqui Estan
3. Chocolate Y Vanilla
4. Un, Dos, Tres Soneros
5. Cenizas
6. Cuba En Mi Corazón
7. Son Y Rumba
8. Cancion De Luisa
9. El Guararey De Pastora
10. Las Caras Caras
11. Santiaguera Bonita
12. Jabalí
13. Vereda Tropical
14. Caballo Bayo