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Trabuco Una Vez Mas - Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Titel : Trabuco Una Vez Mas

Artiest(en) : Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : BIS

€ 17,90


Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco 2010 album "Trabuco 1una vez más +"
Manolito y su Trabuco`s front line has included some of the best singers of the era, including Rosendo "El Gallo" Díaz, Sixto "El Indio" Llorente, and Carlos Kalunga. Manolito`s 1990s recordings feature one of the most renowned synthesizer players, Osiris Martínez, and the prolific composer, singer Ricardo Amaray. El Trabuco is one of the largest timba bands, a "super-charangón," as it is called, with violin, cello, two trumpets, two trombones, flute, and synthesizer, as well as the standard piano, bass, drums, congas and güiro. Many of Trabuco`s biggest hits result from Amaray`s R&B influences, filtered through Simonet`s strong Cuban aesthetic and arranging abilities. Manolito make CDs that mix the aggressive hardcore timba he plays in concert with various other styles designed to appeal to foreign buyers.
1. Palabras
2. Camina
3. Tómalo Todo
4. Házme Caso
5. Mi Filosofía (con Paulito FG)
6. Lo Tomas O Lo Dejas
7. Nada Después
8. La Noche
9. Santiago De Cuba
10. Pídele
11. Te Invito A Cuba
12. ¿Donde Estabas?
13. Llanto De Luna