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Tambor de Fuego - Munequitos de Matanzas

Titel : Tambor de Fuego

Artiest(en) : Munequitos de Matanzas

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : BIS

€ 17,90


Los Munequitos de Matanzas - Tambor de Fuego = 2006 release by one of the great classic groups of Cuban folk. The history of the Rumba could be told through their music, not because they are one of the oldest groups and not just because they were successful from their first album, but because they have remained true to their roots and traditions as time has passed. Los Munequitos are credited with having created a very distinctive type of dancing and singing the Rumba. This album includes 12 tracks.
1. La Rumba Es
2. No Lo Niego
3. Rumba Pa Los Rumberos
4. Yo Vine Pa Ve
5. Canto Espiritual
6. Homenaje A Cane
7. Canto A Matanzas
8. No Me Confundas
9. Brikamo
10. Piti Piti
11. La Que Se Fue
12. Imploracion