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Supercubano - Issac Delgado

Titel : Supercubano

Artiest(en) : Issac Delgado

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Planet

€ 19,99


ISSAC DELGADO met SuperCubano, z`n 2011 release op het Planet label.
The groovy "El negro vuelve a La Habana" with El Micha, the salsa romántica with swing "Perdóname", la rumba of "P`al bailador" where he`s in full guapería throwing jabs at those who questioned his cubanía and the soon to be classic (or it should be) "Salsa, timba y amor" are some of the best songs he and the excellent Alaín Pérez (in the arrangements) have ever written and recorded, and that says a lot.
But not everything is Timba. Reggaeton is present via "Gente de Zona", where Issac is embracing the youth. It reminds me of his early days with NG La Banda and how much they experimented with sounds. There`s also "Qué no se te olvide" a bachata, sung with La India (there`s also a salsa version) which brings up a point: This is a must!
1. El Negro Vuelve a La Habana (feat. El Micha)
2. Perdóname
3. Salsa, Timba y Amor
4. Somos Cuba (Mira Como Vengo) (feat. Gente de Zona)
5. Qué No Se Te Olvide (salsa mix) (feat. La India)
6. Miénteme
7. P`al Bailador
8. Mala Cabeza
9. Qué No Se Te Olvide (Santo Domingo bachata version) (feat. La India)
10. Somos Cuba (Mira Como Vengo) (feat. Gente de Zona, Los Generales, Baby Lores, Manolín "el Médico de la Salsa", El Micha, Alaín Pérez)