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Suena Cubano - Adalberto Alvarez

Titel : Suena Cubano

Artiest(en) : Adalberto Alvarez

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2001

Label : BIS

€ 19,90


Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son - Sueno Cubano (El Son de Adalberto)
One of the masters of modern Cuban music is back with a vengeance. Adalberto Alvarez is one of the pillars of Cuban music for the past 20 years. His songs have been interpreted by a virtual Who`s Who of Latin music (Omara Portuondo, Willie Rosario, Bobby Valenti­n, Sonora Poncena, to name a few).
While the CD mixes son, rap, salsa, merengue and timba (sometimes in the same song). What`s clear is that Adalberto wants you to dance. The opening track "Si No Fuera Por Las Mujeres" starts with a merengue feel and by the middle of the song transforms into a full fledge salsa cut.
"Mi Tumbao" has a classic son swing to it that showcases female pianist Dorgeris Alvarez`s (his daughter) skills and before she could finish her solo, rapper Lioni Veranes injects his venom alongside her playing. SMOKING!
Another highlight of this CD is "Hablando Como Extranjero" a straight ahead salsa cut about somebody who leaves their land of birth to visit another country for a short period of time and comes back forgetting how to speak their native tongue (I`m sure we all know someone like that).
Once again Adalberto Alvarez has produced quality material that old, new and future generations can enjoy. He`s not lying when he says "Somos el son de Cuba". Highly recommended! (review by Salsapower)
1. Si No Fuera Por Las Mujeres (5:02)
2. Mi Tumbao (5:02)
3. Buena Pero No Es Pa`tanto (5:03)
4. Hablando Como Extranjero (4:57)
5. Dejame Llorar (5:23)
6. Caprichosa (4:56)
7. Cuentas Verdes Y Amarillas (4:50)
8. Amor A Primera Vista (4:39)
9. Cuatro Sones De Adalberto (10:13)
10. Somos El Son De Cuba (5:11)
11. La Cleptomana (4:11)