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Somos Charangueros - Charanga Forever

Titel : Somos Charangueros

Artiest(en) : Charanga Forever

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Envidia

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Charanga Forever - Somos Charangueros, 2006 timba on Envidia label
Pure and simple timba: The shouted, rapped coros are there, telling their stories of the street, always with humor and cynicism. The band`s (ex-David Calzado`s Charanga Habanera) a huge machine, with slapping percussion driving on the ever-erratic bass figures, the constant montunos and the horn section. This is the musical glory of the `80s in Cuba, increasingly rare and valuable. There`s nothing like this, some of the last great live dance music in the world, orchestral, precise, intelligent. Michel Maza shows up as a lead singer on three tracks, and Tirso Duarte, the great pianist, shows up singing on one track. This stuff is overwhelming; it`s so detailed, so complicated. And so hard; listen to the first few bars after the break on "Se Cree Que se Las Sabe Todas," with a bluesy montuno thrusting through the music, to hear the intensity of hard driving swing. (review by Descarga)
1. Estas Perdinendo El Brillo (canta Tirso Duarte)
2. Dicen Qu Eamor (canta Michel Maza)
3. Somos Charangueros
4. Se Van Volando
5. Se Cree Que Se Las Sabe Todas (canta Michel Maza)
6. Mi Perro
7. Convergencia
8. Te Enredastes
9. Enganarme A Mi
10. Sin Piedad
11. Agente 008
12. Estas Perdiendo El Brillo (version Radio, canta Michel Maza)