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Sin Freno - Manolito y su Trabuco

Titel : Sin Freno

Artiest(en) : Manolito y su Trabuco

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2013

Label : BIS

€ 25,00


CD+DVD "SIN FRENO" - MANOLITO SIMONET Y SU TRABUCO release uit 2013, én originele persing op BIS music.
1. LA COSITA (Ricardo Amaray) (5:04)
2. DÉJALA (Ricardo Amaray) (6:03)
3. SIN FRENO (Alexander Abreu) (5:41)
4. CHIQUITA (Manolito Simonet) (5:41)
5. VIVENCIAS (Manolito Simonet) (5:59)
6. LA CUENTA NO DA (Ricardo Amaray) (5:29)
7. TÚ NO ME LLORES MÁS (Manolito Simonet) (4:58)
8. ESTA NOCHE TE QUEDAS CONMIGO (Manolito Simonet) (3:49)
9. FARANDULERO (Manolito Simonet y Jorge Hernández) (4:12)
10. A LA MEDIDA (Manolito Simonet) (5:18)
11. CUÉNTALE (Ricardo Amaray) (5:04)
12.PAYASO (Lázaro Díaz Casanova y Manolito Simonet) (3:39)
1. SIN FRENO (Documental)
2. SIN FRENO (Videoclip)
3. LA CUENTA NO DA (Video clip)
4. FARANDULERO (Video clip)

"Sin freno" is the new offering from Manolito Simonet and the title fits like a glove. This man never takes a break.
Always giving us something new, this time around his focus is on the dancer. "La cosita", "Vivencias" and "Chiquita" are examples of commercial salsa done the right way. The killers "Déjala" with Ricardo Amaray on vocals and Ivan Rodríguez on "No llores más", should be in every DJ`s rotation as a must. Even the bachata (I`m not understanding Cubans` fascination with this genre), "Esta noche" will make you a believer.
What makes this recording standout, is the live feel. It takes you back to those old recordings where the entire band recorded together in the studio. Once again Manolito proves that he`s at ease going from jazz to son, timba to bachata. For dancers. (review by Salsapower)