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Sigo Siendo un Van Van - Orlando Canto

Titel : Sigo Siendo un Van Van

Artiest(en) : Orlando Canto

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Envidia

€ 17,90


Sigo Siendo un Van Van - Orlando Canto, 2005 CD op Envidia
This third production as a bandleader for flutist Orlando Canto finds the veteran master still at the top of his game and with a top-notch orchestra. After being the flutist for the most popular dance band from Cuba "Los Van Van" for over 28 years, Canto embarked on a solo career several years ago, redefining himself as a musician. This new recording, as indicated by the title Yo Sigo Siendo Un Van Van (I Continue Being a Van Van) takes Canto back to the music and style that he helped forge for almost three decades, the sound of Los Van Van. Canto and friends sound like a young Los Van Van minus Juan Formell and a new frontline of singers featuring Tirso Duarte (Charanga Habaera), Mandy Cantero (Pupy), Ricardo Morales (Revé), Barbarito López and José Miguel Meléndez (Irakere).
Arnaldo Jiménez heads the musical direction of the production, the bass duties, and contributes a half dozen scores to the repertoire. Excellent synthesized violins from Diosneiki Montero. Standouts include Soy Un Van Van, Gente de Barrio, Espiritual, Metáfora, and the Juan Formell composition Tú Tranquilo. (review Latin Beat Magazine)
1. Cosas Raras - Canta: Mandy "Charanga" Cantero (5:22)
2. Hoy Supe De Ti - Canta: Tirso Duarte (4:47)
3. De Que Te Quejas - Canta: Tirso Duarte (4:35)
4. La Gente Se H A Vuelto Falsa - Canta: Mandy "Charanga" Cantero (4:44)
5. Pa` Que Te Haces - Canta: Ricardo Morales (4:51)
6. Soy Un Van Van - Canta: José Miguel Meléndez (7:39)
7. Deja La Ira - Canta: Barbarito López (3:54)
8. Gente De Barrio - Canta: Ricardo Morales (4:37)
9. Espiritual - Canta: Barbarito López (4:18)
10. Metafora - Canta: Ricardo Morales (3:56)
11. Tú Tranquilo - Canta: Barbarito López (4:38)