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Se Acabo El Pescao - Azucar Negra

Titel : Se Acabo El Pescao

Artiest(en) : Azucar Negra

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : BIS

€ 9,99


Timba TIP, een van de beste timba releases van de afgelopen tijd, onder leiding van pianist, bandleider, componist Leonel Limonta. Dit is een absolute timba klassieker in spé.
Azúcar Negra was formed in 1997 when Leonel Limonta, director and composer of the band, Haila (no longer with the band), and other musicians split off from Lazaro Valdes`, Bamboleo. Fifth production titled "Se Acabó El Pescao" which includes 13 excellent tracks of classic Timba , two of them are sung by Tania Pantoja. Azucar Negra is considered one of the best bands of Timba. 
It`s been a few years since the last Azúcar Negra release, and after personnel changes (crazy how so many Cuban bands change musicians and singers without losing their flavor), leader Leonel Limonta is back with a swinging CD. Pavel (formerly of Maykel Blanco`s band) sings the irresistible title track. Newcomer Ingrid (Mr. Limonta has a knack for finding great female singers) sings the powerful and smooth "SacUdete, que tienes arena". But it`s one time member, Tania Pantoja who makes a guest appearance (she recently also left Bamboleo), who brings the funk. "El jonron" shows Tania`s vocal range. This woman can out-sing anybody (maybe not Yenny from Los Van Van? Hmmm...) and more importantly, with guapería. Leonel re-records his own classic "No me parezco a nadie" (original sung by Haila Mompié). This time Pantoja performs it the way they do it live, almost 8 minutes of heaven. This is one of those tunes that can wake up the dead. It`s a pity that Azúcar Negra`s lack of recordings (this is their fifth release) is often because of all the members jumping ship to join other bands. Hopefully, this time around, things will be different. (review Salsa Power)
1. Se Acabo El Pescao
2. La Mala De La Pelicula
3. A Mi La Habana
4. El Jonron
5. Amor De Subasta
6. Sacudete que Tiene Arena
7. El Simpatico
8. La Vida Es
9. No Me Parezco A Nadie
10. Amor Por Internet
11. Lo Tuyo No Tiene Nombre
12. Plato Fuerte
13. La Pasamos Bien