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Recoge Y Vete - Maikel Blanco y su Salsamayor

Titel : Recoge Y Vete

Artiest(en) : Maikel Blanco y su Salsamayor

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Envidia

€ 19,99


Misschien wel het beste timba album van 2006 is dit 2e album van Maikel Blanco voor het Envidia label. Bij de eerste 2 nummers weet je al genoeg, dit doet denken aan Manolito`s klassieker "Marcando La Distancia", qua directheid, dansbaarheid en enthousiasme.
After producing and appearing on countless releases, multi-instrumentalist Maikel Blanco, perhaps the most talented individual on the Envidia label is back with a no-nonsense 2006 Timba release.
Opening track "Esto está" has classic written all over it. The vocalist (sounds like Tirso but unfortunately the names are not listed on the CD) has that smooth high pitched sound that keeps the party going, while the music just simmers getting ready to just take over your speakers (play this one loud).
Next is the title track which should be framed in gold to show folks what Timba is all about. Again the vocalist is on top of this one just swinging from side to side with his pipes and just when you thought it was over, the song kicks right back into high gear.
Obviously Maikel’s Salsamayor are more confident as the band sounds loose and tight at the same time. Songs like "Qué tengo", "Brujería" and "Si quieres, quiéreme" show that in the hands of a master, Timba is still a force to be reckoned with.
Be sure to check out "Si quieres, quiéreme" with an old school son feel that will leave you with your mouth wide open.
1. Esto está
2. Recoge y vete
3. Qué tengo
4. Quitándome lo malo
5. Años
6. Brujería
7. Cambia tu faceta
8. Si quieres, quiéreme
9. Cimarrón
10. Lo bello por dentro
11. Si yo pudiera