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Pupy El Buenagente - Cesar Pupy Pedroso

Titel : Pupy El Buenagente

Artiest(en) : Cesar Pupy Pedroso

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : DiscMedi

€ 9,99


2005 release van pianist/bandleider Cesar Pedroso, PUPY, met z`n eigen band Los Que Son Son. Na het verlaten van Cuba`s no.1 groep Los Van Van, scoorde Pupy heel goed met een aantal, hevig groovende timba/salsa releases en PUPY EL BUENAGENTE is daarop geen uitzondering.
Pupy comes hard with this record. The first two tracks, reworkings of his tunes for Los Van Van, are played so dura that I can`t imagine another band attempting them. Later tracks are fascinating, as he starts many with a minute or two of something "softer" and almost romantic, before bringing the heat and his deeply funky piano montunos. A groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind timba record. "Hyper-syncopated Cuban funk".
With the ability to both lay down swinging, tuneful grooves, and also create brain-bending, time-shifting vamps that are equal parts folklore and wave-of-the-future, los Que Son, Son truly sound like no other group performing today. Without the roguish, youthful quality of contemporaries like Klimax and Charanga Habanera, Pupy`s outfit has a dark, mature sound that is furious and serious. Pupy el Buenagente may not only be their finest effort thus far, it may also be the album that heralds a new era for timba, it`s coming of age.
1. El Buenagente
2. Disco Azucar
3. Dicen Que Dicen
4. Los Tres Gordos
5. Gato Por Liebre
6. La Figura Soy Yo
7. Ay Lola
8. La Cuenta Decisiva
9. Ven Pa` Que No me Llore

Musicians include: Cesar "Pupy" Pedroso: piano and bandleader, Armando "Mandy" Cantero: vocals, Jose "Pepito" Gomez: vocals, Jose Luis "Changuito" Quintana: percussion. and more