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Puerto Padre - Emiliano Salvador

Titel : Puerto Padre

Artiest(en) : Emiliano Salvador

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : Yemaya

€ 11,90


This recent CD release from the Yemaya collection represents an extensive compilation of some of the most important works of this unique Cuban musician/pianist Emiliano Salvador. Like all great innovators, Emiliano established his own musical syntax and vocabulary to create an evolutionary and fresh new sound combining swing with authentic Latin rhythms and flavor. A Puerto Padre gives the listener the opportunity to discover the many different facets of Salvador.
1. Una Manana de Domingo
2. Luna Wanestain
3. En Una Volanta Actual
4. Para Luego Es Tarde
5. Puerto Padre
6. Son de la Loma
7. Zapateo Para Una Bella Dama
8. El Montuno
9. Cancion a Lsela
10. Son en 7/4