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Oye Mi Son Santiaguero - Septeto Santiaguero

Titel : Oye Mi Son Santiaguero

Artiest(en) : Septeto Santiaguero

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Picap

€ 19,99


Heerlijke, dansbare Cubaanse son anno 2010 van het Cubaanse Septeto Santiaguero met eigen composities en wat covers. 
First single, "Esa niña, qué cintura" has a crisp and refreshing sound as if they were in your living room. Matter of fact, that applies to all the songs in the recording; they have a live feel to them.
Adalberto Alvarez`s "Cuestiones del amor" gets a new stripped down treatment yet, very danceable.
The tempo changes with the old bolero "Flor de ausencia." Here special guest vocalist from the Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Reinaldo Creagh sings this song with such an emotional delivery, you can see and feel his tears. Ricardo Ortiz, another vocalist from Vieja Trova, guests on the scorcher, "Oye mi tono."
Throughout this recording two things stand out, the Tres playing of director Fernando Dewar: what fluidity. Also, Alberto Castellanos` bongoes delivery. He has that rhythmic sense much like Patato Valdes. You are going to need headphones to really appreciate his playing. (review SalsaPower)
1. Esa niña, qué cintura
2. Maduro pero sabroso
3. Flor de ausencia
4. Cuestiones del amor
5. Colombia
6. Ojos perdidos
7. Son cocos
8. Tu tienes que cambiar
9. La acupuntura
10. Oye mi tono
11. La fiesta del Changüí