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No Puedo Parar (CD+DVD) - Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Titel : No Puedo Parar (CD+DVD)

Artiest(en) : Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Genre : Cuba, Videos

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2016

Label : BIS/Endirecto

€ 22,99


1. Tu de qué vas
2. Sí, te mentí
3. Tu me dejastes
4. Me moriría
5. Sandunguera
6. Hoy te vas hacer mujer
7. Tu estas celosa
8. No puedo parar
9. Bailar en Cuba
10. Mi estrella
11. Los hijos de la noche
12. Esto se pone caliente

DVD concert:
1. Llegó la música cubana
2. Tú de qué vas
3. Si te mentí
4. Tú me dejaste
5. Me moriría
6. Esto se pone caliente
7. Sandunguera
8. Bailar en Cuba
9. Tu mirada
10. La cuenta
11. Los hijos de la noche
12. Farandulero
13. Locos por mi Habana
(Durée 85 mn, réalisation José Manuel García Suárez).

review SalsaPower
When Maikel Dinza (great singer, composer and bass player) joined the Trabuco, many felt it was a perfect combination. The songs they recorded were on fire. And then, just like that, Mr. Dinza was gone right before the release of the CD. Manolito now had to find a new singer and record new material. The results? Magic!
New singers/song writers, Ruben and Gabriel Hernández joined the band and infused a youthful touch to the Trabuco sound. The title track, "Tu me dejastes" and "Los hijos de la noche" are dance floor scorchers.
Singers come and go but Ricardo Amaray continues to have his feet planted as the main singer. Whether you like his soulful/RnBish singing style or not, there`s no denying this man can sing. From the aggressiveness of "Tu de qué vas" and "Eso se pone caliente", to the bolero son with special guest Tania Pantoja "Me moriría", the songo tribute to Juan Formell "Sandunguera" and pop ballad of "Hoy te vas hacer mujer" he shows his versatility and yes, guapería.
If you want a recording that sounds fresh, new, energized and full of vitality, then this is a must.