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No Mires La Carátula - Charanga Habanera

Titel : No Mires La Carátula

Artiest(en) : Charanga Habanera

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Planet

€ 9,90


David Calazado Y Su Charanga Habanera met hun 2009 album "No Mires La Carátula"
Celebrating their 20th year anniversary and as many line up changes, Calzado and the boys kick into high gear, letting the world know they are still here.
"Tu no eres mejor que yo" is one of those album openers that will make you sweat till you drop. The track is letting everyone know that Charanga can still bring the funk (theme is expressed a few times on the rest of the CD). This is followed by the speedy "Hay mujeres" and the title track, begging consumers not to judge the CD by the front cover but its content. These three opening songs give you fifteen minutes of pure adrenaline.
Haila joins the crew on the subtle "Hola", while "Gozando en Miami" with its timba-ton spits out jabs at those (without naming names) who left Cuba to find fortune in Miami.
While there`s nothing on this release we have not heard before, consistency and energy-wise, David Calzado and his Charangueros put the newer bands to shame.
1. Tu No Eres Mejor Que Yo
2. Ay Mujeres
3. La Caratula
4. Con La Misma Loca
5. Gozando En La Habana
6. La Chica Mas Bella
7. La Mitad
8. Juana Magdalena
9. Hola
10. La Olvidadiza
11. Ni Un Oscar Ni Un Grammy