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Negrito Bailador - Mayito Rivera

Titel : Negrito Bailador

Artiest(en) : Mayito Rivera

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Timba

€ 15,90


Top salsa Cubana-Timba CD van een van de zangers van Los Van Van, Mayito Rivera op z`n 2e solo album "Negrito Bailador.(2005 release)
The opening track starts with a bass line taken from Willie Colón and Ruben Blades` famous song, "Plastico". The six minutes plus song is a celebration of being a black man. His vocals are amazing and with the help of Julito Padrón this song becomes a classic.
"Bembé", a song after a dancer`s heart, gets a trumpet solo from Alexander Abreu that rivals any high note from Arturo Sandoval or Dizzy Gillespie. "El tono que ttaigo Yo" and "Música" are Mayito at his best, throwing jabs at other singers for not singing the right way and not respecting the music, From Timba to Rumba to Boleros, Mayito shows every aspect of his versatillty without sounding forced. This is a clear example on how to record a varied CD. (review by Salsapower)
1. Negrito Bailador (6:13)
2. So Yo Fuera Dios (4:24)
3. Y Sigo Buscando (5:37)
4. Bembé (4:28)
5. Llévala A Tu Vacilón (5:26)
6. El Tono Que Traigo Yo (5:29)
7. Llegó La Hora (5:35)
8. Rumbero Enamorado (5:58)
9. Música (5:58)
10. Yo Romperé Esta Maldición (4:31)