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Music from Oriente de Cuba - Familia Valera Miranda

Titel : Music from Oriente de Cuba

Artiest(en) : Familia Valera Miranda

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1994

Label : Nimbus

€ 19,99


The songs of this CD, their first for the "Nimbus"label can only be rated as superb. This talented musical family beautifully interprets the "son oriental", like no other group, with great feeling and rhythm guaranteed to please the most demanding audiences. Familia Valera Miranda is not only continuing the internationally popular style of the late Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and his "Duo Los Compadres", but actually improve it, adding some of their own,"homemade" composed music. Old Hierrezuelo classics such as "Chicharrones", "Sin Anduyo", "El Vendedor de Agua", "Macusa", "Descripcion de Un Suen~o",etc.are renewed with a traditional yet updated style. Also Beny More`s 1958 classic "Que Bueno Baila Ud", is transformed for the first time ever, into an inviting "son-oriental", which is absolutely delightful. Valera Miranda`s "homemade" Abur!Paisano" and "Vida Parrandera" show the high quality and creative capability of this amazing musical family featuring Felix, Carmen Rosa, Rhadames and the boys. If you enjoy cuban music and its "son oriental", don`t miss this CD!
1. Chicharrones (3:50)
2. Sobre Una Tumba, Una Rumba (5:47)
3. Para Tí Nengón (4:17)
4. Descriptión De Un Sueño (3:25)
5. Huellas Del Pasado (6:05)
6. Castellano, Que Bueno Baila Usted (5:13)
7. El Vendedor De Agua (4:02)
8. Pena (4:36)
9. Pájaro Lindo (4:53)
10. Mensaje A Mi Amor (4:09)
11. Macusa (5:16)
12. Vida Parrandera (6:38)
13. Sin Anduyo (3:57)
14. Abur! Paisano (5:19)

total playing time: 67.27