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Mis 22 Anos - Jose Luis Cortes NG La Banda

Titel : Mis 22 Anos

Artiest(en) : Jose Luis Cortes NG La Banda

Genre : Cuba

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Egrem

€ 25,00


After a long discographic absence from danceable music, NG La Banda makes his great comeback with a brand new album, merging together in two volumes songs of well-established fame and many inedited ones, never published before.
Probably the best and most exciting Cuban dance group of the 1990s, NG La Banda formed in 1988 and has been led by flute player José Luis Cortés ever since. Including many brilliant musicians who had formerly played with Irakere and Los Van Van, the group is known for placing emphasis on tight rhythms and their aggressive brass section, nicknamed the Terror Brass. NG La Banda has recorded for RCA, Milan, Artex and QBA
"Mis 22 Anos" celebrates the anniversary of this phenomenal and everlasting Orchestra which, under the direction of José Luis Cortes has totally revolutioned Cuban danceable music since the 90s, inspiring the whole movements later known as Timba.
All the greatest Cuban music gurus wanted to take part in the making of this Album, as a sign of friendship and respect towards this unfailing artist, who marked the history of Cuban music for eternity. Just to mention some of the guests: Chucho Valdes, Juan Formell, David Calzado, Adalberto Alvarez, Pedrito Calvo, Pupy, Manolito, Paulo FG, Tania Pantoja, Tirso Duarte, Haila Mompie, Alexander Abreu, Robertón who played their role in interpreting, playing instruments and singing choruses for the various tracks.
CD 1 is geared towards the dancer, every song hitting you hard. While there are too many songs to mention, one track that has been embedded in my subconscious is “Alan tocando bungalow”. The song swings like no other and when you add Haila and Alexander Abreu to the mix, you can’t go wrong.
The second cd has more of an experimental feel (as it should be with any double cd) but unlike past recordings, here his experimentations do not go overboard, with a perfect balance that it can actually stand on its own. Again, too many songs to mention but Yeni of Los Van Van kills “En un beso la vida”. Her soneos and vocal versatility make this a must, and I’m going to sound like a broken record but she needs a solo album.
Also, Ricardo Amaray and Mayito Rivera assist Tony Calá in “Lucha luchador” where you have to scratch your head trying to decide who has more flavor. This swings.
One of the most impressive things about this recording is that every tune has guest appearances. Some may have 3 or 4 at a time, yet they are not overbearing. They sound more inclusive than intrusive.
From what it sounds like, the tracks were already recorded and it seems that who ever was in the studio that day just improvised something to be included. This makes it more impressive because if you take out the guest stars, the main tracks would still be on fire. José Luis you are the man! A must have!
1. Calabaza (timba) (7:05)
2. Con qué tú cuentas (timba) (7:12)
3. Lang (meren-timba) (8:07)
4. Para un amigo (latin jazz) (5:24)
5. El abuso (timba) (7:14)
6. Ella tiene flor (salsa-timba) (7:22)
7. Alan tocando bungalow (salsa-timba) (7:32)
8. 5ta Avenida (salsa-timba) (9:57)
9. Rap de la muerta (timba-rap)
1. Lucha luchador (timba) (7:13)
2. El indio (timba) (8:22)
3. Obsesión (bolero-cha) (11:55)
4. Danza de fuego (latin jazz) (11:55)
5. Un pedacito de tu corazón (salsa-reguetón) (8:20)
6. En un beso la vida (bolero-timba) (8:54)
7. Si yo tuviera 20 (timba) (7:31)
8. Mambo number cero (mambo) (4:71)