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Mi Linda Habanera - Adalberto Alvarez

Titel : Mi Linda Habanera

Artiest(en) : Adalberto Alvarez

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : BIS

€ 19,90


Adalberto Alvarez - Mi Linda Habanera (2005 CD)
Vraag niet hoe hij het iedere keer weer flikt, maar dit is al weer onweerstaanbare Salsa Cubana op z`n allerbest van grootmeester Adalberto Alvarez
These highly danceable arrangements are firmly rooted in the salsa/son tradition - a tradition Alvarez embraced with Son 14. And, boy, can he swing. The cover track, "Mi Linda Habanera," is currently a worldwide Top-10 DJ pick - and deservedly so. But, for the most part, every track here has been tailored for the dancer. Alvarez even reinterprets his own mega-hit ¿Y Qué Tú Quieres Que Te Den? with a Lucumí intro by Zenaida Armenteros, this 11-1/2 minute track plows through a short rap break and then, like an out of control locomotive, blisters onward for pure salsa bliss sung with a clarity and authority by Joaquin Moré Machado. It`s the crown of the production. With arrangements by Roberto Linares, Joaquin Betancourt, and Adalberto Alvarez, this one, folks, is... Very Highly Recommended.
"Mi Linda Habanera" comes out the gate with a melody and hook that stays with you. One of the great qualities about a great band leader is the ability to re-record their older material and make it better, that`s the case with ¿Y Qué Tú Quieres Que Te Den? , a song that was a already a hit.
This newer version comes complete with a coro chant celebrating the Orishas that will convert anyone into the Santería religion, at least for the 11 mintues plus length of the song! I don`t think anyone could touch this song again and that includes Mr. Alvarez. He has outdone himself!
Adalberto keeps proving that all pretenders to his throne need not apply. This man and his band keeps getting stronger with each release. And by having his daughter, Dorgeris Alvarez as musical co-director, his legacy is sealed. (review by Salsapower)
1. Mi Linda Habanera
2. Lección De Amor
3. Un Pariente En El Campo
4. Ella Es Una Abusadora
5. Preguntame Como Estoy
6. Somos Tú Y Yo
7. Controlate
8. ¿Y Qué Tú Quieres Que Te Den?