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Me Olvide Quien Era - Maikel Blanco

Titel : Me Olvide Quien Era

Artiest(en) : Maikel Blanco

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Envidia

€ 16,90


Maikel Blanco & Suprema Ley - Me Olvidé Quien Era
Without any doubt, the currently trendy orchestra in Cuba is Maikel Blanco. They`re now presenting us their fourth album keeping their going up trajectory and reaching the peak with this production. With Lázaro Maya, Michael Roble, Lester Ciarreta and Yordi Larrabazambí’s voices. An overwhelming success with 12 hits that means the consecration of this great orchestra.
1. Presentacion
2. Paloma
3. El Guayo De Catalina
4. Henry
5. El Veterano
6. El Coche
7. Titina
8. Mi China Gladys
9. Como El Aire
10. La Novela
11. Esperanza
12. Dicen
it is actually unreleased material from Maikel and his previous band Suprema Ley (apart from a few tracks) he is of course now with Salsa Mayor.