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Los Pianistas - Rubalcaba & Pupy

Titel : Los Pianistas

Artiest(en) : Rubalcaba & Pupy

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Connector

€ 15,00


Onderschat 2013 album Soneros de Verdad present Rubalcaba & Cesar `Pupy` Pedroso - LOS PIANISTAS van Guillermo Rubalcaba + Cesar Pupy Pedroso, aangevuld met Soneros de Verdad feat. Luis Frank Arias op vocals.
"Rubalcaba" has a tasty piano solo by the master himself and I swear you can feel every key on the black and whites being played. César showcases his style on "Soy cubanía". His ability of playing with such aggressiveness while mantaining a groove, is the reason many timberos name check him as their influence. They both play on "Que dos", and what a contrast in styles, yet they fit as one.
However, as much as the title suggests, the real winners here are Soneros de Verdad. This band swings and can switch from son to timba to bolero without blinking. Vocalist (sang all but one of the songs), leader and composer (wrote most of the songs) Luis Frank Arias its an underrated talent. On the timba infused, "Yo soy un tren" and "No hay miedo" he lets you know he has no problem guapeando (I`m sure having Mayito by his side has influenced that even more) with the best of them. Then out of nowhere comes a somber/beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson (?), "Para Michael". He may not understand Spanish, but wherever he is, I`m sure he`s smiling after hearing this tune.

1. No Hay Miedo
2. Rubalcaba
3. Estoy Enamorado De Esa Amiga Mia
4. Para Michael
5. Que Bueno Suena Este Piano
6. Qué Dos
7. Soy Cubania
8. Cuando Escucho Este Piano
9. Yo Soy Un Tren