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Locos Por Mi Habana - Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Titel : Locos Por Mi Habana

Artiest(en) : Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : Egrem

€ 19,90


"Locos Por Mi Habana" van Manolito Y Su Trabuco is een heel gevarieerde CD met timba, salsa Cubana, wat rustige nummers en een mooie instrumentale danzon/latin-jazz, van een van Cuba`s beste bands van de laatste 10 jaar. Op inventieve wijze combineert deze groep charanga-elementen (zoals fluit, cello en viool) met de hedendaagse timba. Met het titel nummer als nieuwe publieks favoriet.
1. Locos por mi Habana
2. Aquí cada uno viene con lo suyo
3. En este juego
4. Diez años
5. Donde te perdí
6. Ella no está en na`
7. El amor todo lo puede
8. No te pases
9. Encontré la forma
10. La Córdo
Unlike previous releases, the vocals are handled by only two singers. Ricardo Amaray starts with the title track and what a gem it is. The songs talks about all the types of people one encounters in la Habana. Add to that some of the most infectious choruses and the horn section has got to be the best in Cuba since NG La Banda.
Ricardo sings half of the songs on this CD and his are the most adventurous of the lot. "En este juego" has a funky wah wah funk guitar sound (probably a keyboard) that works so well, especially during the chorus, while "El amor todo lo puede" has an electric rock guitar at the end of the tune. But what`s crazy about all of this is that it works.
Veteran Sixto Llorente "El Indio" handles the other half of the recording and while his songs are more traditional, they kick ass. "Aquí cada uno viene con lo suyo" is his entry to this wonderful CD, and what a monster. His vocals are as tight as ever, as he explains how no one is better, everybody has a unique style and like many Cuban singers, he quotes one of Ruben Blades songs. And yes, the horn section is a killer.
To be consistent in this business is hard but to be consistent and getting better is even harder. With every release he raises the bar and this is one is no exception. Just like Pupy y Los que Son Son, Manolito is proving that Cuba will always be a force in the music industry. (review SalsaPower)