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Lo Que Tu Esparabas - Anacaona

Titel : Lo Que Tu Esparabas

Artiest(en) : Anacaona

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Lusafrica

€ 5,90


CD Anacaona - Lo Que Tu Esparabas... 2000 release. Vrouwenorkest uit Cuba met hun 2000 release, beetje salsa-timba én charanga.
On Lo que tu Esperabas, Anacaona, an all-girl band from Cuba, performs classic son plus more contemporary versions of salsa, such as timba, the current Cuban craze of the younger generation that fuses influences like hip-hop and Nuyorican salsa. Anacaona was formed in 1932 by 11 sisters, but now consists of newer members who have taken up the tradition.
Anacaona is a female Los Van Van, the Cuban mega-group. Imagine a dozen women on congas, horns, keyboards, etc! They have become a Cuban institution and perform all over the world, including China. The title track was written by Juan Formell (from Los Van Van), other songs on the disc are by Ignacio Pineiro, Marcelino Guerra, & Claude Bolling. Richard Egues guests on flute. File under volcanic.
1. Il Fait Trop Beau Pour Travaller
2. Si Si No No
3. Lo Que Tu Esperabas
4. Trilogia De Sones: Maleficio; Besame Aqui; Marambe Maramba
5. Senora De Nadie
6. La Senal
7. Amame Una Vez Mas
8. Consejo
9. Trata Que No Me De
10. Amores Que Matan
11. Cuenta Na Ma
12. Esas No Son Cubana